Based out of Pemberton, Minnesota, Ruby Ranch is a place for makers, explorers and tinkers of all types.


It is an environment to view education through a new lens. We want our community, regardless of age, to experience these unique indoor and outdoor events. We offer hands-on learning, nature exploration and skilled building opportunities, and we foster new connections through creative play. Our mission at Ruby Ranch is to create rich experiences, spark life-long learners and create tomorrow's innovators.
We understand that our lives our busy and chaotic. We hope when you come visit, you are reminded about the importance of balance:

  • A balance of paper and pencil and hands-on learning

  • A balance of learning through technology and learning through nature

  • A balance between high expectations and free exploration

  • A balance between learning about animals and interacting with them

Come to Ruby Ranch to explore the trails, the natural playland, the pond and the indoor creative center. If you like to create or want to tinker as a family or with friends, we hope you will join us!

The Rehder Family

Nickolas, Ashley, Anniston, and Amelia