It's time to Celebrate!

Want to create a unique birthday party, shower, office party and more?  Well we’ve got you covered! We welcome adults, teens, kids and families to come out for a one of a kind experience!

What to Do:

1. Choose a theme below for your party. If you have questions please email us or call us and we can help you decide what best fits your needs.  Do you have a custom party in mind? Let us know! We love creating custom parties!

2. Fill out the registration form below. 

3. We will email you to confirm details and send and invoice for you to pay for your party. The party is not confirmed until you pay for the invoice! 

4. Come & have an awesome, creative time exploring at Ruby Ranch!


You may bring in your own food and drink for these events. We are a peanut free facility. We’ll take care of the clean-up!


Choose from one of the birthday themes:


Little Farmers Party (1.5 hours)

$100 for 10 kids ($6.00/additional child)

Be a farmer for a day! There are so many things to do on the farm. We explore around the farm learning in the garden, playing with baby chicks and kitties, digging in the sandy beach, wandering the trails and feeding the goats.   After we successful complete our farmer to-list, we will end with hayride with your group. Lastly, come out, eat food and open gifts in our creative classroom or in our outdoor picnic area. You may bring your own food/drinks/utensils/decorations for this event. 


Bonfire & S'Mores (2 hours)

$125 for 10 kids ($8.00/additional child)

Come out, eat your food and open gifts in our creative classroom or in our outdoor picnic area. We will help light the bonfire and we will set up the bonfire bar - filled with plates, a large variety of creative s'mores accessories and roasting sticks. Then enjoy a hayride around the property with your friends and family. 

Let’s get Crafty (2 hours)

$175 for 10 kids ($12.00/additional child)

Come out, eat your food and open gifts in our creative classroom or in our outdoor eating area. You and your guests will get to complete an activity and/or Project of your choice in the creative classroom. If time permits, go outside to explore the trails and interact in the animal shed. 

Creative Crafts: $175 for Tote bag painting, wooden sign painting, canvas painting. Painting bird houses and/or farm animals is $150. 

Ceramics (1.5 hours)

$150 for 10 kids ($12.00/additional child)

Each birthday guest will get to come out and paint a ceramic of their choice in our creative classroom. While their ceramics are drying you may go on a hayride! Then, there will be time to open gifts, eat cake and explore the trails and/or go interact with the animals! 

Please Note: Ceramics will not be available for pick up until 4:00pm the following day.  

Fairy Fun Party! (1.5 HOurs)

$150 for 10 kids ($12.00/additional child)

Come out for a unique experience! Your group can make unicorn horns and we will add some glitter face painting to each guest!  For an additional $25 each guest can make their own mini fairy garden with a succulent and paint a small fairy house. Feel free to bring out your own decorations, food and accessories! Let's have a magical time!


Custom Party

We are happy to decorate for specific theme’s for your next birthday party, bachelorette party and/or work event. Custom parties are priced individually. Please call or email to plan.